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Rainbow 3D Slug Fidget Toy

Rainbow 3D Slug Fidget Toy

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The Rainbow 3D Slug Fidget Toy will allow you to relieve stress and get relaxed in the comfort of your home, office, or library. This toy is made from BPA-free plastic material that has no odour and is entirely safe for children to play with. In addition, its flexible design ensures it doesn't take up much space and can be transported without bulk. The Rainbow 3D Slug Fidget Toy comes in both 15cm and 19cm sizes to suit your preferences, with a random colouring that will always surprise you! It is designed to provide tactile fun: feel it, shake it, and hear the comfortable slight relaxing sounds come out! Wielding this autistic sensory toy is an excellent way to work through all kinds of anxieties you're experiencing while getting a sense of relief.







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