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PopPuck Trick Unlocked Fidget Toy

PopPuck Trick Unlocked Fidget Toy

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Get your hands on the PopPuck Trick Unlocked Fidget Toy today! This innovative decompression toy is perfect for relieving stress and disconnecting from work. It has a unique magnetic design so that it can squeak, spin, move, click, and dance. Perfectly shaped to fit comfortably in your palm, it also features a sleek silicone surface to give you a secure grip that won't slip away. When you spend time with PopPuck, you'll be rewarded with an array of creative tricks to perform with just this one gadget. Plus – it's the perfect gift for anyone in your life who needs some stress-relief or entertainment. Grab yours today!




Specifications:Brand Name: ToyTimeSize:2.9cm*10.5cmWeight:38.8g


Package Included:*1pcs Watchband*2pcs Random Magnetic Beads

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